Milk Thistle Extract Powder


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Superfood with High Concentration of Silymarin

Harvested, juiced, and dried into extremely low temperature dehydration process our Organic Milk Thistle Juice Powder 10:1 Extract is a convenient no juicing required superfood nutrition
  • A powerful  antioxidant essential for immune support and detoxification
  • A top rated superfood loaded with health benefits
  • Non GMO – Vegan Friendly – Gluten-Free 
  • No Preservatives – No Artificial Flavors – No Additives
  • Contains Silymarin (80%) that has been concentrated from the milk thistle plant

Out of stock

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Milk Thistle Extract can be consumed with your juice, smoothie, water or tea.
Recommended usage 250mg =1/8 tsp once daily or as directed by your health professional.
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